A Guessing Game!

Xan and I have more news about our future. It is one of the most diverse futures, far surpassing anything I could have thought up. All of mine seem to revolve around one area… Asia. 90% are specifically China related. Our current future has wider boundaries than just one topic. Xan and I are currently facing two options. One thing to keep in mind while you read them is Xan’s future career plans. He has a BS in astro-physics and a masters in Comparative Literature emphasis in Old Scandinavian language and literature. He plans on applying for programs in both humanities and physics and ultimately become a professor. He hopes to be able to do a double PHD but will settle for the best offer. So, the future question is will he be working humanities or physics. The current question is what do we do this year.

1) Go ahead and go to Iceland. If you have kept up with my previous blog than you know that our residence permits were denied. We found out some more bummer news to go along with that. I cannot get a residence permit. Apparently only doctorate students, members of the EEA, athletes, coaches, and people on specific work permits are allowed to bring their spouses. Xan is none of these. He is a master student. Yeah, we don’t get it either. But, rules are rules. Good news. I can use my existing passport and be able to stay in Iceland for 3 months out of a 6 month time frame. Xan is reapplying for his residence permit and hopefully will be able to leave mid-November. So, this leaves us with our sub-options.
A) Xan and I will leave for Iceland together mid-Novemberish. I’ll fly back to the states and live with my parents around mid-decemberish. This will allow me to come back before the Christmas rush and be involved with helping my mom out with preparations rather than coming in the middle of the stress and whatever else. Xan may and may not come with me. It depends on our financial situation. (plane tickets are expensive…) I’ll stay here and probably get a temp. job until mid-Marchish when I’ll be able to fly back to Iceland and stay until the mid of June. That should be about the time Xan will be done as well. The pros to this option is that Xan and I will be together more than the next option and allows me the most time in Iceland. The cons are that Xan will be more than half a semester behind in school and will have to juggle taking care of his adjusting wife, setting up our apartment, preparing for finals that he barely has time to study for, and it will also be more expensive due to my two airplane tickets.
B) Xan will leave for Iceland by himself while I stay with my parents, find a temp. job until mid-marchish. The pros for this option is that Xan is more likely to pass his classes, I’ll be able to enjoy sunlight, earn money that will allow us to take cool trips mid-Junish, and save money on additional trips back and forth from Iceland. Cons are obvious. Xan and I will have less time together and we’ll be apart for about 4 months. Which is really only one month more than option A but it weighs a lot when your in that last month.

2) Go to Saudi Arabia. Xan’s mom called this morning with news that she might have found a job for Xan starting January for a semester. It would be at a university in Saudi Arabia most likely teaching physics but we don’t have anything official. The dean of the university is in his parent’s branch there and it was one of those, ‘hey, I might have a position for him,’ kind of deals. The pros would be that there would be no time apart from each other, Xan would be making money, we would have access to the red sea which is awesome for scuba diving, the university might provide us with an apartment, and the university has major connections with Xan’s top schools of choice such as Harvard and Cambridge. The cons are that he would miss out on the Iceland program which would hurt him when he applies for PHD programs in the humanities area.

So, those are our two options that we have to choose from sometime in the near future. I have left this decision for Xan to make since my occupation stays the same either choice which is sitting at home keeping busy one way or the other. Xan is going to go ahead and act on both for the present. He’s e-mailed his resume for the Saudi position and is working on his residence permit for Iceland while talking with his professors to do any work he can now to help him for his finals. He’ll then pick his best offer.

So, let’s open it up for guessing. Which do you think Xan will choose?


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