Iceland update and Hogle Zoo

Quick Iceland update: We finally found some stuff out! Good… and bad. On Monday when we checked our e-mail we were told that our residency Visas had been denied. We were shocked and didn’t understand why. Here’s the answer. Back in July, Xan sent the Iceland gov. an e-mail asking them if certain documents he was about to send would fulfill the requirements for our Visas. No response. So, a week before our wedding, we took a guess and sent what we hoped would be enough. It wasn’t. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, we received an e-mail saying that they still needed a few more documents in order to process our Visas. (Sidenote… the Icelandic government rarely e-mails us directly. They mail the university of Iceland a letter and the university e-mails us.) What the university forgot to mention was that there was a 15 day deadline to get them the documents or our visas would be denied. So, not knowing we were up against the clock but very anxious that we send the right documents this time, we sent another e-mail asking if certain documents would fulfill requirements. (such as proof of financial support, residency, enrollment to the university, ect.). Once again, no response. So, we guessed again. (Although this time I think we got it right) Well, the documents arrived a couple of days late apparently so we were denied… and extremely frustrated. Tuesday morning proved to be a lot better. Xan had sent an e-mail to the university to see if they could do anything about this situation. Apparently what had happened is that the lady at the university who is supposed to be playing mediator for us went out of town. That was our missing link. She feels TERRIBLE for what has happened and is working on fixing the situation to get us to Iceland. The good news out of all of this is that Xan and I haven’t had to spend any of our money yet. We plan on fitting in a few extra trips (like Egypt and/or Greece and/or Spain) to make up for all of our limbo time now. We were already planning on visiting his parents in Saudia Arabia after Iceland but depending on how long it takes to get the Visas accepted, we might do that first. So many things up in the air still. 🙂

On another note, Xan and I went to the Hogle Zoo. One of our favorite places considering the vast amount of pets we want to own someday. Our recent focus has been on learning how to build our own natural terrariums. You know, the ones with all the real plants, flowing water, and natural looking aquariums. It’s been fun.
Here is a picture of the poisonous frogs he wants to get. They are not poisonous when kept in captivity.They look more like Ninja masks but they are supposed to be frog masks.

The Penguins were adorable. I think they would be fun as a pet but a little higher maintenance.

Well, all you BYU Cougar football fans… we ran into a real cougar! They are having a great college football season this year. We asked him how he thought BYU would do against the Utes, and this is what he had to say… Bring it on!

Well, I have tons more pictures but if I posted them all you would have no reason to go to the zoo yourself. 🙂


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