Greetings from Kaysville! Xan and I have been living with his grandparents in Kaysville for a little over a week and will stay here until we move to Iceland. We still don’t know when we are leaving but we are making progress. The office of Immigration in Iceland (who are processing our Visas for us) are not very good at getting back to us or letting us know what documents they need so it is taking us longer than expected to get them. We finally did hear back from immigration and are hoping that everything will be finished within the next two weeks. HOPEFULLY SOONER! The university is very patient and would rather have us come late than not at all so we are still in good shape. Apparently, Xan is not the only student in the program (medieval icelandic studies) that are having problems with the Visa. We have entered the day to day basis where we could leave any day. Once we receive notice that our visas are ready we will fly to San Francisco to pick them up. We are not getting a tourist visa but an actual over 90 day residency visa so we have to go to an embassy in the US that issues them and receive them in person. There are about five or six across the US that we had to choose from. We’ll be in San Francisco for a couple of days (might as well do some sight seeing if we have to go there.) and then we’ll come back to Kaysville, pick up all of our luggage, hop on a plane and go to Iceland. I’m still working on my Icelandic. Some days are more hopeful than others. My ADHD causes me to have hyper-focus so I’m not very consistent with my studying. I’ll study intensely for two days and then work on my bead/knot work for a couple of days, get addicted to one of the tv series we have on DVD for a couple of days, and then maybe move back to my Icelandic. The good news is that spreading these series of couple of days out, it would be equivalent to spending a couple hours on each a day. 🙂 Gotta work with what I have. 🙂

The internet here is pretty iffy so its hard to stay in touch via e-mail/blog/facebook. When I mean iffy, I mean that we are using some unknown source of wireless connection that comes and goes. I’m planning on uploading the wedding pictures while we are in San Francisco providing that the hotel’s internet is strong enough to upload photos. I’ll get them up soon. I hope.


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