Flat Tires are Fun!

Xan and I had to be out of Xan’s apartment by 8pm on the 26th of August. We got up early and started packing the car to take a load of his things to store at his grandma’s house in Payson. On the freeway driving there we ran over a nail that quickly let all the air out. So, we pulled off the free way and put the spare tire on.

Xan’s car keeps the spare tire under the car itself so we got to wind it down to swap the flat out.

I had fun winding it back up. We were all prepared to replace both back tires since you normally have to do both so the car stays balanced (or something like that) but THANKFULLY we found a place that plugged the hole and we only lost about 3 hours in total from this detour on our schedule. 🙂 It saved us a lot of money, too….

So, we got moved out successfully and are currently staying in a hotel in Springville for a week. I’m still working on learning Icelandic. I’m hoping now that we are going to be living in the same place for longer than 4 days that I might get a more solid study schedule going. So far, I’ve memorized the first article of faith. Xan and I went over every word and discussed the grammar. It took forever but it sure helped out my lessons from my books. 🙂


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