Life has been an adventure these last few weeks. I finished my last day at my job, got checked out of my apartment, had my computer shut down and had to get it fixed, finished wedding preparations, and got married. There were more times than I could count that I felt all hell was breaking loose to work against me but Xan and I made it through and life has slowed down since our busy Saturday.

Xan and I are now in the process of extreme house hopping. 🙂 We have already relocated for the third time and expect to relocate two or three times more before settling in Iceland. We spent one night in The Invited Inn in Midway. Fantastic Bed and Breakfast. If anyone is looking for a nice, relaxing night… that is a great place. Our bathroom had a double jetted tub, steam shower, and sauna. The breakfast was phenomenal. It was a beautiful German pancake with an apple/chicken sausage. Then we stayed at Xan’s granparents timeshare in Eden (east of Ogden). We were there for about four days. We went to Cherry Hill with Xan’s family, spent time in the resort’s pool, and enjoyed my first barbeque meal (meaning that I actually did the grilling). 🙂 We are currently at Xan’s studio apartment in Springville where he has been living for the past year. We only can stay here until the 26th of September which will be the end of Xan’s contract. It’s a bit straining and annoying to be moving around so much but married life is worth it. I love being able to see Xan more than just a couple times a week.

The Olympics have been fantastic to watch. I’ve mainly had the chance to watch swimming, gymnastics, and track. I’ve been able to fit a few other events like the women’s beach volleyball final, or Argentina vs. USA men’s basketball but what I have seen has been incredible. Xan has been keeping much better track of all the events and results. He is suspicious of the Chinese doping for all the strength events like gymnastics or weight lifting. I’m curious to hear how the investigation goes with that Chinese girl who won all the women’s gymnastic events. Xan and I both feel really bad for her. While coaches/government people might have pulled some strings they shouldn’t have, we don’t think she had a clue that she wasn’t supposed to compete. She’ll lose a lot of face for something that probably wasn’t her fault if she is younger than sixteen.

Well, Xan and I have a ton of unstructured time. We don’t have jobs or school until Iceland. We are hoping to get our Visas and get out of here by mid September if not sooner so don’t be strangers. Give us a call.


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