One of Xan and Mine’s favorite things to talk about is what type of pets we want to have someday. Some of them are a bit more exotic and less likely than others (such as sharks, tigers, or racoons) but it doesn’t stop us from exploring all of our options. We talk about it while we are driving, eating, and chillin’. He wants to have a falcon, cats, sugar gliders, octopus, chameleons, an aviary with all sorts of birds, and other animals. He has plans to build their cages himself, have all sorts of other feeder pets to maintain the actual pets (roaches, grasshoppers, ants….) He’s really interesting to talk to about it because he does all of his research and homework. He knows how big the cages have to be, what the best type of climate and temperature are, and their diets. I, on top of his choices (still a bit iffy on the cat…), want to have a dog, turtles, frogs, and a hippo (one of the exotic, not likely choices). Xan grew up with a variety of different pets and is very comfortable and confident that he will be able to get a falcon and octopus and take care of them properly. Me, on the other hand, didn’t grow up around animals and am sad to say that I’m afraid of them. I get scared when they run towards me, chase my toes, expose claws, and basically, whenever they move. I’m much better than I was as a ten-year-old girl running away from them but if Xan and I are to get any of these animals for pets, I need to take larger steps.

Just this last February, I took my first step. I bought a baby ball python. My neighbor at the time had two of them and they seemed so docile and gentle. I loved going over to Emily’s and just holding them and having them crawl around my arms. This might seem weird since I am so afraid of animals but snakes are completely safe as long as you don’t step on them or wear mice perfume. The ball pythons, particularly, are very slow movers and she rarely startles me. My baby is female and is named Aakash. I got this name from my favorite Bollywood movie (Dil Chahta Hai) when I first saw her dance while Alysa (my roommate at the time) and I were watching Aladdin. She stood up on her neck and started rocking back and forth to Arabian Nights. The best part was when Jafar turned into a snake and Aakash stood up, too, and acted all macho as if to say she could totally take Jafar on. 🙂 I love my baby. She is now about one year old and is getting fatter. She used to be maybe 1/2 an inch width and now is about an inch and an 1/8 width. These are complete estimates but it gives you an idea. She is supposed to live for about 20 years and grow to be approximately 5 feet long. I’ve been surprised at how fast I got attached to her. It has been a very successful step and I’ve already been more confident about interacting with other animals. I’m even thinking I might like to get a cat someday (still not ready to commit to it 100%. I need more time.) Xan and I were hoping that we would be able to take Aakash to Iceland with us but Iceland doesn’t allow snakes. 😦 So, I only have until we leave to play with her and then I’ve found a temporary home for her while we are gone. Hopefully, wherever we live after Iceland won’t have a problem with her and we can arrange to have her shipped to us. Still have to look up how that is done exactly but I think you hibernate them or something during the shipping process. She is going to be so much bigger in a year and I’m really sad to think that I’m going to miss that.


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