Less than 5 weeks until we are married!

Thanks for everyone that came to the party. I think it went really well. Plenty of food, sun, and people. We still have a few more weeks before we leave so feel free to come and play with us anytime!

Today, I get to go to my sister’s and try on my wedding dress. This will be the third time I try it on but the first time that it will have sleeves and possibly a way to do up the back besides pinning it. 🙂 Crystal is doing a wonderful job at putting my dress together and making sure that its what I am looking for. I’m pretty excited about the way it is turning out. Other than that, my bouquet is ordered, the family dinner is arranged (minus final counts), temple scheduled, and I’m thinking the only things that are left are announcements (hopefully mailed out by the end of this week) and finding a photographer for the temple pictures. Ryan and Carina did our engagements fabulously but they will be out of town. If anyone is good at taking pictures, let me know. Xan and I aren’t looking for much with the pictures. We just want a few nice ones with the family and then a few of just us. Xan is particularly looking for someone who will get it done as quickly as possible. 🙂 I think I agree with him since my dress has long sleeves and lots of layers. We’ll both be very warm and anxious to be done.

Xan is pretty much done with his thesis. All he has left is dropping it off at the library to get it bound. I think he has to do four copies. The last time I checked last week it was 106 pages long. When he first started writing, he thought it would be 60 pages. He almost doubled that. His thesis committee was impressed when he defended it on the 2nd of July (also his birthday) and drilled him with all sorts of questions. We are both very happy that it will soon be over!

We still have a LOT to do before we move to Iceland. We still have to find housing, get the Visas, get insurance, apply for a loan, and figure out what we are and are not taking with us. I have decided to study for the GRE while I am there so that I can get a Masters degree while Xan works on his PHD after Iceland. I really, really hate math and am terrible at it but hopefully I can get the basics down in the next year. I will be applying for a Masters in some kind of Asian Studies so Xan says my math score doesn’t have to be fabulous. It just has to be decent. There is hope for me… 🙂

Last of all, I’m still trying to learn how to use this blog site. Here are some specific questions if anyone knows the answer. 1) how do I post pictures to go with my post? 2) I noticed that some people have their friend’s blogs posted on the sides. How do I do this?


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