I guess it’s time to step into the word of ‘Blogging’

I was on Kristi and Hugh’s blog page and noticed a few of my friends linked to their page that were also blogging. On their pages there were even MORE people blogging. I’m a big fan of Facebook because it is so easy to stalk people very quickly but my Mom doesn’t have an account and so she can’t keep track of me as easily. I realized that most of my family also don’t have Facebook and have no way to follow my adventures. I came to the conclusion that Facebook isn’t complete and so I am giving into the big craze of the ‘blog’ world. Xan isn’t much for keeping up with this kind of stuff so I’ll keep track of both of us while we get married, move to Iceland, and then wherever we end up after that. (I’m cheering for Sydney where there is a great PHD program for him and the cool accent for me.) We’ll see.

And so ends my first blog. 🙂


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